Interesting NavDock Result

Le 16 août dernier je postais la release officiel 1.0 de mon plugin NavDock. (NavDock Article). Le 14 Septembre sortais la version 1.1 qui fixait un bug mineur sans ajax. Ca fait donc un peu moins de 3 mois que la version 1.1 est dispo en téléchargement.

avec un total de 298 téléchargements et une moyenne donc de 3 téléchargements par jour, NavDock est loin devant mes autres plugin.

Vu ces résultats, navDock aura une update future...mais que fera-t-il de plus ?

  • un mode vertical
  • une optimisation général (+léger, +smooth)

A noter la sortie future d'un nouveau plugin : SmartScroll ( voir page de test )

Denis P.

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Custom your select tag in a form with jQuery


I was looking for a way to skin my select form...finally I decide to create my own plugin. This plugin is not finish yet but I'll give you the first part of this plugin because I don't know when I'll finish this. For now, It produces same thing than other plugin like that. Your select form is replace by a div + ul li to simulate a select Box with options and rebuild automatically your original <select> with the correct value.

Don't work with multiple selections.

Screenshot 01 CSF jquery plugin


Requirement :

  • jQuery 1.4 or later

CrossBrowsing :

  • Working on FF, Safari, Chrome, IE7+

Activate the plugin :

              prefix:"csf", // add a prefix to elements ClassName 
              icon:false // using icon TRUE/FALSE

Functionalities :

  • Standart functionalities of simple <select>
  • using title attribute of <option> to set the icon path

Coming soon (or not):

  • posibility to highlight your selectBox with a mask that cover entire screen.

Download :

All files are fully commented

Last Update : 30/10/2010

Denis P.

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[Tuto]Flex 4 How to skin WindowedApplication Spark Component


In this video tutorial,

  • I show you how you can easily skin a spark component in FlashBuilder 4.
  • I show you how to customize the WindowedApplication for an air application.
  • I show you how to export a template from Adobe Illustrator CS4 using FXG format and use it in your flex project as spark component.

Source : (project zip)

Denis P.

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