2dsGen wordpress theme 1140 grid layout concept

I'm currently working on a wordpress theme based on the 1140 grid.

In this article I just want to share the way you will handle your wordpress 1140 grid. The greatest feature is every cell act also as a sidebar so you can attach any widgets to them.

I 'm not explain anything because this theme is still in alpha and a lot of features may change. A fully documentation will be provide when it will be finish. So in this quick video you can see the concept behind this theme.

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Retrieve videos feeds from the YoutubeData API with the AS3 YoutubeData Library

I found some library to deal with the youtube API but all of them use a remoting service like amfphp. I didn't want to use a remoting service. I just needed a simple way to retrieve video feeds. So I create a library wich use the JSON-C format. (http://code.google.com/intl/en/apis/youtube/2.0/developers_guide_jsonc.html).

This allows you to quickly retrieved search results and information about each video using only actionscript.

How To ?



online documentations

I will add support for more API query's propeties later so stay tuned ! follow me on twitter : dipigraph

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Away3D #02 VideoMaterial

online demo

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